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Are you looking for a high-quality carpet cleaning job at affordable prices? We offer our clients a free quote on the phone call that will remain the same even after we arrive at your location. We always offer our clients deep cleaning services in Reseda. You will get quality carpet cleaners in Reseda every time because we have a team of IICRC certified professionals. Our team members strive to offer deep cleaning of carpets that other companies could not. The only reason for our quality deep cleaning service is the use of branded chemicals and high-end equipment.

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Why Hire Us For Carpet Cleaning in Reseda?

As it is very much important for keeping your carpet clean, while on the other hand providing job of cleaning the carpet to cleaners at the professional level is also the best option. There are many companies that provide carpet cleaning services but it is not the same. Going the route of carpet cleaning with the cleaner might be attractive, but if you want to wear and tear to be minimized then it will be very good to give this job to the experts. Either you are looking for a steam cleaner or carpet cleaners for complete service, we are always here to help in Reseda.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

We provide deep carpet cleaning always. We do not charge extra like other companies by saying the basic package was ordered in the quote and now we have to do a deep cleaning.

Free Quote

You can directly call us or fill the form so that one of our customer care representatives can get back to you within 24 hours. Unlike other companies, our quote will not change once we reach your location.

Our Process

Our process of stain removal will not sanitize and clean only, yet it also makes carpets look very fine. We follow the 13 steps standard procedure so that we can provide high-quality cleaning services.

Best in Price

Besides the use of most advanced equipment, we provide the best competitive rates for carpet cleaning in Reseda. Many companies provide the carpet cleaners but their package, price, and quality are not the same as ours.

Customer Satisfaction

The main focus of our cleaning process is customer satisfaction. We get customer feedback immediately after the cleaning process is finished. After that one of representative will call you for post-cleaning feedback.

No sub contract

Most of the cleaning companies in Reseda subcontract their work to other companies. But we do not subcontract our work. All of your calls will be handled by our same customer support center every time.

Expert Technicians

Our cleaning experts are IICRC certified professionals and trained enough for inspection, cleaning, and restoring the carpets. They go through a special training process so that they can deliver high standard work.  

High End Equipment

Our dedicated drying and carpet cleaning equipment have been tested for protecting furnishing and families. We also have truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment to reach the second floor.

Licensed and insured

We are government approved carpet cleaners in Reseda. Moreover, our experience working with the companies of insurance will help you in guiding through the process of claims.

No Harm Chemicals

We use products for cleaning that are hypoallergenic. Our primary goal is that everyone incorporating allergy sufferers get protection from harsh products of cleaning. Our products are certified organic and environment friendly.

All In One Solution

We offer a wide range of cleaning services in Reseda including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and pets urine cleaning. We use a procedure that deeply clean fibers and washes out soil making the carpet look fresh and bright once again.

Customer Assistant

We also offer customer assistance over phone calls. If you want to reschedule or cancel your appointment, just give us a call for Reseda carpet cleaning services. 

Our Clients Say

How to book us?

Our primary goal is your satisfaction. Here is the simple procedure that you have to follow while booking a carpet cleaning with us in Reseda.

How to book us?
  • Tell us what you need: Call us to get a free on call estimate for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet urine and odor cleaning, and tiles or grout cleaning.
  • Solution Offer: We will schedule the appointment after the quote is finalized. It will remain the same if there is no additional carpet cleaner required.
  • Schedule Appointment: We will provide customers the details of available slots in order to schedule an appointment.
  • Onsite Visit: At the time of cleaning, we will provide you with the best treatments. If the items have been exposed to wear and tear, we also provide services of carpet repair.
  • Onsite Feedback: Once we are done with cleaning, we will request the customer to take a look and provide us feedback.
  • On Call feedback: One of our quality control officer from the main centre will call you to get the feedback. This is done in order to improve our quality standards.

If you’re not happy, just let us know and
we’ll work to make it right

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Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

So why is it important to regularly clean your carpet? Here is the list of all the things that hide deep down in the fiber of the carpet: dust, allergens, bacteria, dirt, human and pet hair, grime, and much more. The carpets need a proper periodic deep carpet cleaning in order to remover unhealthy particles that can cause serious health problems. Our experts knows how to remove these particles using simple and effective method. Here are some other reasons to choose carpet cleaning services in Reseda:

  • Save Money: Regular carpet cleaning will not only help you to maintain the looks of the carpet but it will also help you to save the money. The carpets are very expensive hence purchasing carpet every time will be very expensive.
  • Maintain the Look: A home and/or office simply cannot look clean if the carpets in it are not actually clean. Cleaning the carpets will help you to maintain good looks of the office or home.
  • Prevent Spread of Allergens/Bacteria: We all know that carpets have Allergens/Bacteria. So regular cleaning of carpets can help you to prevent health issues.
  • Improved Carpet Smell: The people with pets or babies can understand the problem of urine and vomit. The timely cleaning will help you to maintain the good smell of the carpet.

If you need Carpet Cleaning in Reseda then feel free to call us.

carpet cleaning importance

Why Go Green for Carpet Cleaning?

This is about something other than having beautiful and clean carpets. This is about the security of every family member. For each square inch of carpet which is dirty that you need cleaned, there might be 20,000 bacteria per square inch. Molds, viruses, and bacteria can disgrace the quality of the air in your house or any shop. Selecting the perfect carpet cleaning company in Reseda might clean your carpet but in some cases it might cost you more than your budget.

Depending on the usage of the chemicals used for carpet cleaning, your family members might experience dizziness, headaches, nausea or might be some problems of breathing. Parents having young children might be unable to let their youngsters onto the carpet until it is dry completely. Still harsh chemicals might leave behind some deposits that get deposited on their feet and hands. Also those chemicals can also damage the environment.

Green carpet cleaning Reseda is available for your business or homes. This cleaning does not depend on that type of chemicals that have very harmful side effects. We rely on Eco-friendly solution and it is pet and children friendly. It removes 98% of virus, bacteria and other infected viruses that might influence the quality of air. We want to help you keep your business and home clean. Having experience of above 15 years and probably the most superior equipment of carpet cleaners Reseda, we give free delivery and free pick up for dirty carpets.

Our 13 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Pre-Inspection

Carpet Cleaning Pre Inspection

Step 1: Call Reseda carpet cleaning centre for setting up a free onsite estimate for upholstery or carpet cleaning. Our team will visit the site and pre-inspect the site for dust level and recommendations. We will give you the estimated quote after completing the inspection.

2. Commercial Pre-Vacuum

Commercial Pre-Vacuum

Step 2: We usually recommend this for homes with per hairs or debris. One of our technician will vacuum your carpets thoroughly with PV12 commercial vacuum. This will help to remove loose dust of carpets.

3. Furniture Moving

3 Furniture Moving

Step 3: Items under the 20 lbs will be moved at no charges. We suggest to have a discussion, about what will be moved or what will not be moved, with our carpet cleaners while making the quote.

4. Pre Spotting and Spray

4 Pre Spotting and Spray

Step 4: We pre-spray all the carpets before starting the work. This help us to increase the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Please note that there will be additional cost for excessive staining. We treat the spots on the basis of stain type.

5. Pre Groom

5 Pre Groom

Step 5: We have to pre-groom carpets using a motorised brush in order to remove the tough soil out of carpet. This step is involved when deep carpet cleaning is required.

6. Deep Steam Cleaning

6 Deep Steam Cleaning

Step 6: We will flush the soil from carpet using hot water. We have truck mounted hot water tankers which help us in steam cleaning process.

7. Neutralising Carpets

Neutralizing Carpets

Step 7: We make use of neutraliser or conditioner during our steam cleaning process. This will make your carpets soft and dirt proof.

8. Post-Spot Treatment

8 Post-Spot Treatment

Step 8: Whatever is left even after the steam cleaning process is removed at this point. Our Reseda carpet cleaners perform this to remove tough stains like pet stains or urine from the carpet. 

9. Speed Dry

9 Speed Dry

Step 9: You can order high velocity air movers in order to speed dry your carpets. You can rent this equipment on daily or weekly basis depending on your needs. Carpets usually gets dry in 8 hours.

10. Scotch Guard and Deodoriser

10 Scotch Guard and Deodorizer

Step 10: We can add DuPont Teflon as a dirt repellent. This will extend the time frame of your next carpet cleaning requirement. Please note this leaves no residue.

11. Post Grooming

11 Post Grooming

Step 11: A grooming rake is used to ensure maximum penetration in the carpet of deodorisers, enzymes or protectors.

12. Post Inspection

11 Post inspection Feedback

Step 12: Our technician will walk you through your home to make sure that you are satisfied with our cleaning services Reseda.

13. Quality Control Follow up

13 Quality Control Follow up

Step 13: We will call you or email you for your precious feedback with your carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning experience. We gather feedback so that we can improve our standards using your valuable responses.

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    Our Services – Know More

    Carpet Cleaning Reseda

    We offer safe & green carpet cleaning services to our clients. We have high-end truck-mounted cleaning equipment that can reach any floor.

    Area Rug Cleaning

    We offer cleaning & restoration of any type of fabric by providing IN-Plant cleaning & ON-Site area rug cleaning. We also provide pick-up & delivery services.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    We offer steam cleaning and dry cleaning for delicate fabrics such as Velvet, Haitian cotton, microsuede, or polyester.

    Tile & Grout

    We also deal with grout sealing and cleaning. Our process is simple, efficient, and very quick. Make grout lines of your bathroom, kitchen, and hallways white again.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Do you charge for quote?

    No, we do not charge to give a quote to our customers.

    How can I book online?

    You can book our upholstery cleaning service using the contact form.

    Do you provide same day service?

    It depends on the availability of the date and resources. You can call us 818-650-0955 to check availability.

    Is there any hidden or additional cost apart from given quote?

    If the work is same as per discussion on call then there is no additional cost. We will confirm costs before starting the work.